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BUSINESS CARD TEMPLATES - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are your template specifications?
Print size: 3.5 by 2 inches.
Actual size: 3.750 by 2.250 inches.
Resolution: 300 dpi.
Color mode: CMYK.
Why do your templates exceed actual print size?
Templates allow for 0.125 inch bleed and therefore measure 3.750x2.250inch.
What is a bleed?
While printing equipment is quite exact, there is still a room for error. Therefore in order to ensure that images or color that run to the edge of the layout do not have gaps near the edge, they extend over the edge.
What are crop marks?
Crop marks indicate where the image will be cut.
What is a TIFF file?
Without getting too technical, TIFF is a popular professional and commercial image standard, which is widely supported accross platforms and image editing software. Use these files to send business card backgrounds to your card printer if you donít have the software or sufficient knowledge to edit PSD files. Your business card printer may be able to help you with printing your text over it.
What is a PSD file?
PSD is an Adobe Photoshop ô file format. In our case it provides the most editing flexibility while preserving all or most visual effects. It does however require a certain degree of technical knowledge. Notice: editing a PSD file requires an Adobe software, such as Photoshop or Adobe Imageready. Lately there have been third party programs with PSD editing capabilities.
Do you provide assistance in modifying templates?
Due to time constraints, at this time we do NOT provide assistance in modifying the templates. Time permitting, we will be accepting orders on a fixed hourly rate.
What programs can I use to modify templates?
TIFF files can be modified with a large number of image editors. For editing PSD files, you will need an Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Imageready. In the past, however there have been some third-party software that can be used for editing PSD format.
What do I do with un-editable text on the templates?
Some of the templates indeed contain un-editable text, which has been rendered as graphics due to the specifics of certain visual effects. Such text is not included in the TIFF file (background) and has been saved in a separate layer in PSD files. Therefore if you can use it as a point of reference if you are able to reproduce the same effect on your own, or discard it completely.
Why canít I modify the background image in your templates?
Some of the backgrounds represent a product of numerous image manipulations, which are likely to create difficulties and confuse unexperienced user. Those users who are able to modify the backgrounds to this extent are most likely to be able to re-create them using our downloads as a point of reference.
So how do I get the template?
Choose "Download TIF" option to download just background of the template, or "Download PSD" to download fully editable template. After download, un-zip the file (files are distributed compressed).